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Locally-owned or Corporate Funeral Home?

October 5th, 2012

Often knowing where to begin is the most challenging aspect of funeral planning. When choosing what funeral home to use, there are many factors to consider. The first of which is whether to use a locally-owned funeral home versus a corporate funeral home. Each have their advantages, yet the overall approach and guidance may be different.

To understand the advantages of using a locally/family-owned funeral home, FSN Funeral Homes spoke to Larry Don Graves, owner of Sam Houston Memorial Funeral Homes in Huntsville, TX. Mr. Graves gives us great insight into the benefits of using a locally-owned funeral home.

Larry Graves - Funeral Director of Sam Houston Memorial Funeral HomeFSN Funeral Homes: What is the most significant advantage of using a locally/family-owned funeral home over a corporate funeral home?

Larry Don Graves: “A family owned funeral home’s major desire is always about the service and care given to the family. We focus on catering to the specific needs and wants of the deceased and their family because we are not just a business and they are not just our customers. They are part of our community and part of our daily lives. In fact, most  mom and pop-owned funeral homes, have a strong sense of community — often giving back to that community in a variety of ways. Corporate-owned funeral homes often do not have this same in-depth connection with the local community.”

FSN Funeral Homes: As a family-owned funeral home what is your approach or relationship with local families?

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FAQs: Funeral Planning

September 10th, 2011

Here at FSN Funeral Homes, we strive to find the best advise for the questions so commonly asked about funeral planning and the details that come along with it. Here is a list of the most frequent questions and their answers. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

FAQ : Funeral Planning

 Funeral QuestionsWhat do I need to know about funeral planning?

There are a few basics you should always keep in mind when planning a funeral.

  • Be informed and ask questions.
  • Go over all options available at several funeral homes, making sure the funeral home you chose is suitable for your personal needs and budget.
  • Request an itemized price list.
  • Make the arrangements for a personalized service to honor your loved one.

Who do I need to contact first when pre-planning a funeral?

  • When pre-planning a funeral you can call the funeral home directly and work with the funeral director there, or you can contact an Estate Planning attorney.

How much does an average funeral cost?

  • The average funeral in today’s time is somewhere between $6,000 – $8,000.  This estimated price includes, all services provided by the funeral home, casket/urn, burial and cemetery arrangements.

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Funeral Home Comparison Checklist

August 31st, 2011

Today, many families are not aware of their role in the funeral planning process. Once you have an idea of what you would like to take place at the service you are planning, you should sit down with a funeral director to go over the logistics.

Something you should know:

You are the one who determines the cost of the funeral services that will be held for you or your family members. The details of the services are guided and determined by your needs, and budget. But, not all funeral homes are created equal, they come in different sizes, styles and have different specialties. It is a wise idea to ‘shop’ around before deciding which funeral home to work with. Below is a checklist that will aid you in covering all the cost aspects associated with planning a funeral.

Funeral Home Comparison Checklist

Make copies of this checklist to compare the prices of services offered at funeral homes in your area.

Name of Funeral Home____________________________________________

Name of Crematory_______________________________________________

Name of Cemetery________________________________________________

Notes on Business Reputation_____________________________________


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Legacy Funeral and Cremation Care

June 7th, 2011

A Helping Hand When Planning A Funeral

Legacy Funeral & Cremation - San Diego CALooking for some insight on what drives the largest funeral home in San Diego, CA to provide a very personalized service for its customers?

After years of building a reputation as exceptional and extremely customer-centric, Legacy Funeral and Cremation Care is committed to highly personalized memorials. Whether you use Legacy or another funeral home, their approach to funeral planning and services is beneficial for every family planning a funeral.

The funeral directors at Legacy were kind enough to discuss their philosophy with FSN Funeral Homes.

What is Legacy’s  approach when dealing with families during a time of loss?

Providing as much help as possible is our main concern. Families are dealing with many stressful and emotional situations during this time. If we can help eliminate some of these stresses, families can concentrate on healing. One of the most important qualities a funeral home should have is helpfulness.

How does Legacy help families who are planning a funeral?
Assisting families through every aspect of the funeral planning process is a major part of what we do for our clients. We help them to navigate the many funeral planning steps from paper work and filing government forms, to helping create a memorial service as unique as their loved one.

Every client works with a funeral arranger who guides them through the personal decisions needed to arrange the funeral service and burial. During the funeral arrangement conference, we will help families handle essential paperwork, such as the death certificate, obituary, and insurance matters; decide what personal funeral service and burial options are needed; and what specific personalized elements should be included in the memorial service. From start to finish, every family will receive personalized care from our experienced staff. During a time of loss, families need guidance more than anything.

How does Legacy guide families in creating a unique memorial service?
Every family is different, with their own traditions, religious views and distinctive traits that make them unique. During a funeral, family members come together in their own way to celebrate with joyous memories, tears and even a few laughs. We encourages families to create a memorial service just as individual and special as their loved one.

Organizing those personal elements is what makes a truly unique and memorable funeral service. Gathering and assembling items can be comforting, yet difficult for families. Guiding families through the process of creating a memory board, encouraging stories and memories during the service and displaying items that reflect the life of their loved-one is our way of helping them during this trying time. Inviting families to share their stories and memories as a way to facilitate healing and closure should be a part of every funeral service.

How does Legacy help comfort families and facilitate closure?
Legacy Funeral & Cremation - San Diego CACreating a relaxed environment that encourages personal reflection time helps promote the healing process. With our private sitting room, intimate chapel and viewing area, families are surrounded with a comforting atmosphere. These amenities, along with a large kitchen, give families the ability to create a soothing home-away-from-home experience. Allowing them to prepare or serve food for immediate family and close friends, or relax in a serene space is our way of helping them through a difficult time.

Every family planning a funeral should receive the same care, consideration and help clients of Legacy Funeral and Creation Care receive.

If you’re not in the San Diego area, try these tips for finding a funeral home to meet your needs:

  • Well-known In The Community
  • Have A Good Reputation
  • Good Location
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Honest and Compassionate Staff
  • Peaceful Environment
  • Services Available To Your Religious or Cultural Preferences