Grave Blankets

Grave Blankets

January 5th, 2010

Everything You Need To Know About Grave Blankets

Grave blankets, also referred to as cemetery grave blankets, are decorative coverings for the gravesite. In the same way that casket sprays decorate a casket at the funeral, grave blankets decorate the gravesite at the cemetery.

Grave blankets are traditionally made of evergreens (such as pine) and decorated with accents like baby’s breath, ribbons, bows, etc. Grave blankets come in many sizes. The smallest of these, often referred to as grave pillows, are more compact and reside near the headstone.

Areas Where Grave Blankets Are Popular

Grave blankets, though not traditional to any part of the country, are an American tradition that has taken root in northernmost states. Grave blankets are most common in states with colder winters. The most popular locations for grave blankets are Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York.

Even in areas that do not suffer harsh winters, grave blankets are a popular winter cemetery decoration because most fresh flowers cannot tolerate the cold. Live evergreens in grave blankets provide a fresh alternative whereas otherwise the only options are silk flowers, artificial flowers, or no decorations at all.

The Proper Time To Use Grave Blankets

Grave blankets are typically used in the late fall and throughout the winter. Though each cemetery is different, most allow grave blankets to be displayed from November through late March or early April. During this season, Christmas grave blankets are popular.

As this season wanes, grave blankets for other holidays are selected. These may include a grave blanket for Mother’s Day, the anniversary of the person’s death, the birthday of the deceased, and other occasions.

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