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Basley’s Florist: Helping Honor Loved Ones

April 18th, 2017

Basley’s Florist, located in Jeffersonville, Georgia, is a full-service florist that has been in business for over 18 years. They specialize in customer service and are willing to go the extra mile to help their customers.

Whether you are looking to celebrate, comfort, console, or cheer, Basley’s will help you find the perfect arrangement. From fresh flowers and green plants to a silk floral design that looks real, they are able to provide a beautiful arrangement for any price range.

They service a wide delivery area that includes more than 20 funeral homes. They take pride in creating their funeral arrangements, and great care is used to ensure that these floral tributes uphold the memory of deceased loved ones. Heart floral tributes are their specialty.

Basley’s Florist understands that loved ones can pass unexpectedly and at any time of the day. They answer their phones 24 hours a day, offer delivery Monday thru Saturday, and are available to make deliveries on Sundays by appointment. For all of your funeral flower and floral needs, contact Basley’s Florist.


In Lieu Of Flowers Or Celebrate With Flowers?

February 3rd, 2014

brilliant-sympathy-wreath-funeral-flowers2.198Occasionally an obituary will include the term “In Lieu of Flowers,” or “Please Omit Flowers.” For many, this request causes confusion, embarrassment and even resentment (since it is often interpreted as a how to for expressing sympathy). For the family, it is often used as a way to direct family and friends to a cause the deceased held in special favor or that the family feels is an important way to memorialize their loved one.

Flowers or Charity

So, which is right?  Should it be, “In Lieu of Flowers,” or “Celebrate With Flowers?” The simple, yet ineffective, answer is both. Life isn’t simple, however, and without proper thought and execution, someone may be left feeling more than just the sorrow of losing a loved one.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Each side can still have it his or her way if one simple change in the obituary is made. Simply remove the words “In Lieu of Flowers,” and replace with, “For lasting memorials, the family asks that consideration be given to …,” or, “Should friends desire, contributions may be sent to…” This wording change lets the family express their desire without a disparaging remark toward any other form of condolence. This will allow the person to choose their preferred expression of sympathy without feeling wrong for doing so.

Why Funerals Should Be Celebrated With Flowers

When it comes to flowers and funerals, a long-standing tradition has been well established. Flowers were once used to mask the natural smell of the decomposing body. For a variety of reasons, the practice evolved into more of an emotional comfort and an acceptable way to express sympathy and support for the givers.

To really understand how and why funerals should be celebrated with flowers, we must understand what flowers can mean to those left to grieve. The Texas Florists Association created a great video demonstrating the significance of flowers at a funeral. Hopefully once you watch the video, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you prefer celebrating with flowers or another form of expressing sympathy. After all, the the best form of condolence is one that comes from your heart.

Permission to use the Celebrate Life With Flowers video granted by the Texas Floral Association.

The Flower Basket: Saying Goodbye with Flowers

October 10th, 2013

Psalm 23 Standing SprayThe giving of sympathy flowers is a long-held tradition in many cultures and offers mourners the opportunity to express condolences with more than mere words. It is often hard to find the perfect thing to say when expressing sympathy to the family member of a lost loved one. People deal with grief in different ways, and knowing just how to approach an individual after she has lost a friend or family member isn’t always plausible. Sympathy flowers offer a time-honored solution.

Flowers are always a welcome gift, even in the worst of times. The beauty and love which can be portrayed in an intricately detailed sympathy arrangement will reflect the love you bear the deceased and her family. Of course, the most beautiful arrangements come from the most talented florists and designers, and those are always found locally.

Opening the Flower Basket

For those in the Madison Heights and surrounding area of Virginia, The Flower Basket stands as a full-service floral shop which specializes in sympathy flowers. They provide only the best and highest quality flowers woven into a gorgeous arrangement depicting stellar workmanship. Each piece is hand-crafted with the intricate detail born of many years of experience and the one thing that can’t be taught, talent!

Personalize Your TributeVirginia Tech Spray

Sympathy flowers are a very personal expression of love. That’s why owner/operator Dawn Stamm not only allows you to choose from a wide selection of sympathy flower options such as casket sprays, standing sprays and sympathy arrangements, but you can also work directly with her to create your own design. Dawn will take the input you provide and weave a floral tapestry which illustrates the essence of your tribute.

Dawn and the other floral artists that make up The Flower Basket staff are ready and willing to offer you as much, or as little, help as you require. And if the deceased was a sports fan, this group of designers have extensive experience creating tasteful displays with sports-related themes.

Don’t let a friend or loved one pass unremarked because you can’t think of the right words. Send a sympathy arrangement and let the flowers do the talking for you.

Funeral and Sympathy Flowers 101

July 18th, 2013

Although both funeral flowers and sympathy flowers are sent for the same reasons – respect, condolences, and comfort during times of grief, there are important differences between the two. Determining what is appropriate comes from consideration of the bereaved and your relationship with the deceased. Understanding the significance and various uses of flowers will help you work with your florist to send just the right message.

What’s the Difference?

Funeral flowers refer to tributes and memorials meant to honor the deceased and are sent directly to the funeral home. These flowers are larger with a more dramatic appearance as typically seen in standing sprays and casket covers. Majestic arrangements with striking features provide beauty and are an important focal point during the visitation and ceremony. Depending on the funeral home and the family’s wishes, these flowers are often transferred to the grave site after the service. Though the family commonly selects the flowers that are arranged directly on the casket, other tributes can come from family and friends to show their respects. These types of arrangements are associated with death and the funeral ceremony and should never be sent to the home out of respect for the feelings of those who have lost their loved ones.

Sympathy flowers are intended for the family of the loved one as a sign of hope, support, and friendship and are often delivered to the home or funeral home. These gifts can vary greatly from large houseplants intended for long-lasting stewardship to compact and delicate arrangements that grace coffee and end tables.

By making the distinction between funeral and sympathy flowers
when communicating with your local florist, he or she can get a better idea of what type of arrangement best suits the situation.

Types of Funeral and Sympathy Flower Arrangements

Casket Cover or Spray

Casket covers, also called casket sprays, are designed to rest on the lid of the casket. Because family members make the decision about open or closed casket, they should also make the decision about these arrangements .

Full-couch covers extend the entire length of the closed casket or are affixed to the lid of an open casket. Half-couch sprays or foot sprays extend only over half of the casket. Flower garlands can also drape the casket.

Interior Casket Flowers

Flowers that are designed to go directly in the casket should also be determined by the close family due to the proximity to the deceased. These casket inserts are often sent by younger members of the family such the children or grandchildren. There are many options including flower rosaries, nosegays, corner clusters, satin pillows or crosses, hinge sprays, and sheaves.

Cremation Flowers

When an urn is present at a funeral ceremony, it can be displayed on a pedestal or table. Flowers that accompany the urn help make it a focal point in the room. They can be large or small arrangements that set beside the urn or a florist can create a piece that surrounds it. Like casket flowers, cremation flowers should be selected by the close family.


Standing Spray or Easel

A floral tribute that is designed to stand 1 to 3 feet off the ground with a wooden or metal stand are called stranding sprays or easels. Typically meant to be viewed only from the front, they are displayed around the casket or urn to create a backdrop.There are many different designs available, including symbolic shapes like crosses and hearts. These arrangements can be sent by people who knew the departed or as a service tribute.


Wreaths are traditional funeral tributes that symbolize eternal life. They are placed on stands or hung near the casket or urn display and can be sent by anyone who knew the deceased. Often the choice of individuals and groups wanting to honor the departed for their lifetime of service.



Floral Baskets

These arrangement are available in a vast array of sizes and shapes. Fireside baskets, which usually have a handle are designed to rest on the floor in front of the casket or standing sprays. Smaller baskets can be placed on tables or ledges. This selection is appropriate to send directly to the funeral home or to a family member’s house.


Table or Vase Arrangements

Much like floral baskets, these arrangements are acceptable for both funeral home and home delivery. They tend to be smaller and sometimes are very personalized by utilizing designs and colors that reflect the decease’s interests.



Intended as a gift to the family as a sign of friendship and support, houseplants of all types can be sent to the home or to the funeral home for display. Sometimes fresh-cut flowers are added for the occasion or colored bows or ribbons included.

Practical Considerations

Funeral services are sometimes spread out over multiple days. One thing to consider when shopping for an arrangement is when the flowers will be delivered and how long they will be on display. Standing sprays, wreaths or funeral crosses often contain flowers that do not have direct access to water and can dry out if no one is available to tend them. These options are not a problem if the service is only one or two days. But if the viewing and ceremony are more spread out, opt for bouquets in a basket or container with floral foam so flowers will stay hydrated without much maintenance.

At times, families will request that donations be made in lieu of flowers. This is a request that should be honored. If you had a close relationship to the deceased and feel strongly about sending a floral tribute, considering sending both a donation and flowers as your budget allows. Your bereavement is valid and you should acknowledge it how you see fit. But respect for the families wishes should be foremost. If you decide to send flowers, be sure to include on the condolence card that a donation has been made in honor of the departed.

The Meaning of Flowers

Throughout history and in almost every culture, flowers have been considered expressions of respect and grief for the dead. Beauty and symbolic meaning brought by nature’s art come together to serve as a tokens of sympathy. Any arrangement you choose to send can be created tastefully and hold great meaning. You can read more about the meaning of specific funeral and sympathy flowers here.

When a death occurs, there is often a loss of words. By working with a skilled florist, you can send flowers that celebrate life and convey your feelings. Flowers can help state what is too difficult and painful to relay: our lives are deeply touched by those we love and their absence changes us forever.

Plant a Memory for Your Loved One

March 29th, 2013

Plant a memory of your loved one with beautiful memorial flowers and trees that express your sympathy to be shared with friends and family. Or, give a unique “growing memory” gift that blooms and flourishes year after year while creating a lasting tribute to a loved one. What better way to remember a cherished one than with a tree or flowers in a memorial garden?

Seeds of Love Memorial GiftIn planting trees and flowers, you’re passing the gift of life back to earth. Unforgettable lush trees benefits everyone for future generations to come through sight and meaning. They also provide a wonderful symbol of the continuation of life for your loved one.

One company that is offering a memorable way to memorialize life is Plant A Memory. With them, they help create a beautiful way of remembrance of your loved one with their plant memorial gifts.

This company offers evergreens, forget-me-nots, daisies, wildflowers, herbal garden mixes or roses to remember your beloved. All come in beautiful packaging that is dedicated to your loved one.

With these seeds and trees, you’ll be able to create a memorial garden with gorgeous flowers and trees that offer a special place to honor your cherished one. Every time you see the garden, you’ll be reminded of all the fond memories that you two shared.

It’s also something that you’ll be able to share with family members and generations to come.

Memorial TreeSince Plant A Memory features these lovely seeds and trees in beautiful packaging, they are ideal for funeral keepsakes. Some family members like to save flowers from the funeral as a keepsake, but These lovely seed packets offer a renewable alternative to that practice.

They are even personalized with name, dates and a special message. Choose a dove bookmark with a wildflower mix, a cross memorial keepsake with forget-me-nots or a lovely evergreen that let family members have a beautiful, living keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Share lasting memories by planting flowers and trees that will bloom and grow with time. Visit Plant A Memory for meaningful and special flowers, as well as evergreens to create an everlasting impression for your loved one.

What Should I Send to a Funeral?

July 6th, 2012

Funeral flowers are a beautiful way to show sympathy.

When it comes to expressing your sympathy to someone who has recently lost a loved one, you want to be sincere and, most importantly, let the individual know you care. The expression of condolences becomes tricky in a country famous for its cultural and religious diversity. Don’t let yourself become flustered when all it takes is a little familiarity with funeral etiquette to overcome such unneeded stress.  To help you out, FSN Funeral Homes has composed this  guide to maneuvering funeral gift etiquette, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Your Relationship with the Deceased

Your relationship with the deceased is a crucial aspect to consider when determining what to send to a funeral.  If you were not close to the deceased, it is appropriate to send the gift directly to the friend or family member you are closest to.  If you were close to the deceased but not to the family, include a card with whatever you send explaining your relationship to the deceased and explaining how important they were to you.  Whether or not they recognize you, they will appreciate knowing that someone else cared for their loved one.

When do You Send Your Condolences?

Depending on the placement and type of funeral service, it may be difficult to determine when to send a gift.  Typically, flower arrangements should be sent prior to the visitation for a traditional funeral service, but funeral directors should accept them for some time later than that.  Contact the funeral director to find out when would be the best time to send funeral flowers. If you find out about the services late, it is appropriate to send flowers to the grave or family’s home. If you wish to send something upon receiving the news, flowers are a good option, but a note or phone call may be more appropriate until closer to the funeral services. After some time passes, many will have moved on in their mourning, but those closest to the deceased may still be grieving.  Sending a sunny bouquet of flowers after the funeral will let them know they are not forgotten in their grief.

The Recipient

Everyone is unique so the gift for a deceased’s mother will not be the same for a child affected by the death.  Keep this in mind when deciding what to send.  A young child will not understand the thought behind traditional flowers, but if you add a stuffed animal to cheer them up or a keepsake which they can appreciate later, the gift will be more appropriate.  You can also tailor any flower arrangements you send to fit the personality of the recipient.  Work with your local florist to make sure he or she incorporates the recipient’s favorite flowers or colors and that the size of the arrangement is appropriate for its destination.  Also, depending on the recipient’s intimacy with the deceased, a more personal gift may be more appropriate.  For instance, a locket with the deceased’s picture or a simple memorial frame may be the perfect keepsake to console the individual.

The Deceased

The deceased should also be considered when deciding what to send to a funeral.  If the deceased would have preferred donations made to his or her favorite charity, then by all means follow their wishes.  At the same time, remember the deceased would also appreciate that their loved ones be comforted at this time, so flowers or a memorial gift would be a great way to extend this sentiment in the deceased’s honor.

Read more about what to send to a funeral

The Meanings Behind Sympathy Flowers

August 2nd, 2011

For centuries, flowers have been used as an expression of sympathy during times of loss. Sending flowers in honor of the deceased is a sincere way of expressing love, respect and sympathy. Flowers have a language all their own, conveying secret messages that can often speak louder than words.

Flowers represent and symbolize different characteristics, meanings, and emotions, with each flower and color symbolizing something different. Once you have decided what message you want to convey, you can customize your arrangement using the language of flowers. Below is a chart defining the hidden messages behind each flower:

Sympathy Flower Meanings

  • Alstroemeria: Symbolizes friendship
  • Carnations: Depending on the color the meanings change. Red stands for admiration. Pink conveys remembrance. White represents pure love and innocence.
  • Cherry Blossoms: Stands for innocence, spring and simplicity
  • Chrysanthemums: Represents truth
  • Cyclamens: Symbolizes resignation and farewells
  • Forget-Me-Nots: Represents faithful love and remembrance
  • Gladiolus: Conveys strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity
  • Iris: Symbolizes Christian resurrection
  • Lilies: Represent innocence, sympathy and purity
  • Sweet Marjoram: Stand for comfort and consolation
  • Roses: Depending on the color they have different meanings. White shows reverence, humility, and innocence. Pink represents grace and love. Red shows respect, love and courage.
  • Statice: Symbolizes remembrance

Any and all flowers are acceptable when sending sympathy arrangements. Here is a list of the general meanings behind the color.

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Flower Customs for Asian Funerals

July 30th, 2011

White OrchidsSending flowers to a funeral or to a family in grief is always appropriate and appreciated. Different religions and cultures have their own traditions passed down from generation to generation; it is important to respect and honor these traditions when sending flowers for a funeral. You want to make sure that the flowers you send convey the right message.

Significance of Flowers for Asian Funerals

In Asian culture, the color and type of flower is very significant. Each flower and color symbolizes something special.

White, light yellow, light pink and other pale colors are the most commonly used colors for an Asian funeral. These flowers give hope to those who grieve.

In Asian cultures, white is the color that represents death and is very appropriate for funerals.

REMEMBER: Red is strictly forbidden for funerals. It is the color of happiness and celebration, making a mockery of those who are grieving.

The most commonly used flowers for an Asian funeral are: Continue reading “Flower Customs for Asian Funerals” »

Why Funeral Flowers Are Still Important Today

May 21st, 2011

Standing Spray Funeral FlowersFrom birthdays to Valentine’s Day, weddings and funerals — flowers are a way to commemorate life’s most significant celebrations and events. Because flowers are essential to almost all family occasions, funeral flowers continue to hold great importance to most funeral traditions and services today.

Words are sometimes hard to find when a friend or loved one passes. Often, flowers better express the sympathy we feel for the family and our lost friend. The love and respect you feel toward the deceased and their loved ones is immediately conveyed by sending flowers. They are a means of communicating one’s love and support for the family, and a sign they are not alone in their burden of grief.

Today, flowers are not just sent to the funeral service, it is also becoming popular to send flowers to the home of the bereaved after the service.  This simple gesture of support can mean a lot to a family that is in the process of grieving the loss of a loved one.  As mentioned before, flowers can sometimes express what words cannot.  Sending flowers to the funeral home where the service will be held is still the most popular way to express sentiment.

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How To Incorporate Flowers With Funeral Urns

April 26th, 2011

The iconic, casket flower arrangement has become a staple in our funeral flower traditions. Open or closed casket, the large spray of lush flowers and foliage has a way of calming our spirits in a time of loss. Beautiful flowers have a way of enhancing the atmosphere at somber events. Additionally, it gives guests a subject to talk about that is comforting and uplifting.

But what if there is no casket? What if your loved one chose to be cremated, can you use flowers with a cremation urn? The answer is yes! Florists everywhere are creating beautiful floral memorials especially for cremation urns that are just as impressive as the traditional casket arrangement. As if they were sheltering the urn, flowers create a comforting effect when surrounding whatever vessel you choose to carry the cremains of your loved one.

Funeral Urns & Flowers Funeral Urn Flowers

While cremation urns are beautiful, they are often dark in dim funeral home lighting. Having flowers cradle your loved one’s cremains brightens the mood and gives the cremains an over-all sense of resting in a garden.

You can even personalize the memorial urn’s flowers to celebrate the life of the departed by using the their favorite flowers and colors. Incorporate favorite hobbies and pastimes into your flowers. If they were an avid gardener or loved to fish, use some of their equipment within the flowers to better represent them. Talk to your florist about these suggestions and see just what they recommend.