Mourning Jewelry By Expressions Of Grief

Broken Heart RingAfter the loss of a loved one, those individuals in mourning choose to express their grief in different ways and for different lengths of time. And while the first thing that comes to mind for mourning is wearing all-black, another lesser known tradition is mourning jewelry.

Expressions of Grief specialize in unique and timeless jewelry that can be worn in remembrance of the dearly departed.

Widow’s Rings

Perhaps the most popular of mourning jewelry is the widow’s ring which is worn next to the wedding bands. A widow’s ring is a touchable, visible symbol of altered life change and does not necessarily replace the wedding bands. This ring is worn to reflect grief and to remember. To remove your wedding rings is “A matter of the heart” …not “A matter of time.”

Commemorate Spouses, Parents, Siblings and More

When you have suffered a loss, only you can decide how to honor your loved one. Mourning jewelry is a physical reminder than can be with you daily to help ensure that moving forward does not feel like forgetting.

So many beautiful designs are available that symbolize personal grief, connection and love. Each is crafted with care from durable, high quality materials. For touching stories and more photos, find Expressions of Grief by Diane on Facebook.

Prayer Wheel RingThe Prayer Wheel Ring- A Beautiful and Unique Choice

Introducing a lovely and innovative design, the Prayer Wheel Ring is an Expressions of Grief exclusive. This ring is made of stainless steel with a printed outer black ring that can spin on its base. In Tibet, Prayer Wheels are spun to send a prayer spinning to the heavens. The spin is believed to be the same as saying the prayer out loud so each spin of the ring counts as a time that the prayer is said.

This Prayer Wheel Ring is printed with the words “always in my heart & soul” and can serve as a way to send a silent peaceful message any time it is worn.

The choice of mourning jewelry is very personal and can be a step in a healthy grieving process. When questions are left unanswered and a heart feels broken, having a tangible symbol of love and serenity can be a very powerful thing. Expressions of Grief understand how to craft jewelry that is more than something you wear, but something you always feel.

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