Memorializing A Loved One With Cremation Jewelry

Keeping a Loved One Near With a Keepsake

keepsake cremation jewelryPeople have always had the desire to memorialize loved ones and find ways to keep their memory alive. The tradition of keepsakes originated centuries ago, when a lock of a deceased loved one’s hair was encased in gold or silver. Memorial jewelry is again becoming a very popular way to honor the memory of a loved one and truly have them by your side for eternity.

Personal Style

From rings to lockets, or even sentimental pieces in the shape of a cross or butterfly, keepsake cremation jewelry comes in many designs and styles to create a very personal memorial. It can make a statement as unique as the person it memorializes.

Lokcet KeepsakeCremation jewelry comes in a variety of forms and styles including key chains, bracelets and other small items in which a portion of the cremated ashes can be kept. Very custom designs are also available today including a baseball, fish or cowboy boot that will serve as a very fond and personal memory of someone with a great passion for a particular hobby.

Lockets and pendants make beautiful memorials that can be worn daily like a stylish personal accessory. These small keepsake cremation urns can hold a small amount of ashes, dried flowers from a funeral arrangement or even soil from a sacred ground. Cremation jewelry can create a family heirloom for generations to come. They also allow for a small memento to be cherished and saved in a jewelry box or displayed.

Cremation Jewelry Care

Keepsake cremation jewelry will stand the test of time if cared for properly. Here are a few simple tips that will help you in the daily care and maintenance of your keepsake cremation jewelry.

  1. Always remove cremation jewelry before you swim, bathe or shower. The seal on your cremation jewelry should be exposed to minimal contact with water, as total submersion could damage the protective seal and the precious keepsake inside.
  2. Remove your cremation jewelry before heavy physical labor or very strenuous exercise to prevent breaking or losing your cherished jewelry.
  3. Apply lotion, grooming products or makeup before putting on your cremation jewelry. Soap or other products can create a film that will dull the finish and attract dust and dirt.
  4. Store your jewelry in a protective case inside a jewelry box, drawer or other safe area.
  5. To maintain your keepsake cremation jewelry’s finish and integrity, be sure to clean it regularly with a soft cotton cloth or a special jeweler’s cloth. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean your cremation jewelry.
  6. Look out for scratches or loose stones and have your piece repaired by a trusted jeweler immediately if something is wrong.

Relationships are very special bonds that keep people together and those memories and feelings don’t dissipate when someone passes away. Although a physical connection is not everlasting, keepsake cremation jewelry offers a way to keep someone close to your heart.

Keepsake cremation jewelry is one of the most personal and deeply sentimental ways to remember a loved one and keep them close to your heart for all eternity.

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