How to Create a Meaningful Eulogy

What is a Eulogy?

A eulogy is a heartfelt, good-bye tribute to honor and celebrate the life of the deceased. This tribute addresses not only to the person who has died, but to the friends and family that have gathered at the service.

Man Giving A Eulogy At A Military FuneralA Eulogy Includes:

  • An introduction to the person’s life
  • Details, such as family, friends, interests, passions, likes and dislikes
  • Significant memories and achievements of the deceased
  • Scriptures, poetry and favorite stories written or enjoyed by the deceased are commonly read

It does not have to be perfect, the most touching and meaningful eulogies come from the heart. Eulogies are not a biography, rather a loving and heartfelt speech that expresses the feelings and experiences shared between the person giving it and the deceased. Remember, whatever you write and deliver in the eulogy will be appreciated by the people in attendance.

How To Write A Eulogy

1.) Recall memories: Think about the relationship you shared, where you met, what you did together, humorous or touching memories and what you will miss the most.

2.) Gather information: Talk with family members and close friends to gather as much important information as possible about the deceased and their life.

3.) Organize: Keep your notes organized on your computer, note cards or whatever method works best for you.

4.) Write: Once you have finished composing the eulogy, break it up into three parts: beginning, middle and end.

  • Start with an inspirational quote, hymn or poem to captivate the attendants.
  • The middle part will be pure nostalgia, moments shared and cherished memories.
  • The end of the eulogy should be an uplifting note, a quirky memory or a story of something fun about the deceased, bringing light and happiness to the moment.

Remember to use your own voice when writing. Do not write to impress; write from your heart.

5.) Rehearse: A eulogy might be the most difficult speech you will ever deliver, but it may also be the most rewarding.

6.) Prepare yourself: It wont hurt to give a copy of your eulogy to a close friend or family member if your emotions wont let you continue. Ask them to finish reading it for you, if necessary.

7.) Deliver: Remember that you are doing this to honor the memory of your loved one, not to impress anyone. Recite it from your heart the same way you wrote it. Calm yourself by realizing that people are not going to judge you. No matter what happens, it will be okay. Everyone there will be supporting you and your emotions. If you need to cry in the middle of your speech, everyone will understand. Take a moment to compose yourself, then continue.

Giving a eulogy is a noble gesture that people will appreciate, admire and remember.

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