Dealing With the Violent Death of Someone You Love

Losing someone in a sudden death is both frightening and unsettling.  Deep emotional stress and confusion surrounds the first few hours and days after a loss. Knowing what to do and being prepared can benefit you immensely during this troubled time.

First Things First

  • Notify Police
  • Officers may leave written information with details about the prosecutor, medical examiner, place of hospital for the deceased and a victims advocate.
  • A family member might be asked to identify the body of the deceased
  • Personal belongings of your loved one might be used as evidence for later in the prosecution. If you wish to claim any of the items, tell the officer leading the case.
  • A forensic autopsy might be required to gather evidence
  • After the identification and autopsy, the medical examiner will arrange transportation of the body to the funeral home the family has selected.

Incident Information Report includes the following:

  • Case number
  • Date and Time of incident
  • Name of officer investigating the incident along with the officer’s contact information
  • Name of the officer who will be contacting the family of the victim
  • Name of the coroner and their contact information
  • Location of the Deceased and contact information for the

If you feel the urge to ask, to get more information, or be more involved during the process of the investigation, don’t hesitate to ask. You are not alone, and you shouldn’t scared to ask the officers or departments of those who are working with your case.

In the mean time, you will need to contact a funeral home to make the arrangements for the service. A funeral director will work with the family to coordinate the service with the needs of the family. They will likely ask for the specifics from an autopsy, if one is performed, and whether or not an open or closed casket will be proper.
The funeral director will also be able to answer any questions you have about transportation of the body to and from the funeral home.

When someone dies as the result of a crime, the police as well as a coroner might be involved.  When the death turns into a criminal investigation, the proceedings for this can take some time. Working with your local law enforcement will help to keep you involved and informed during the investigation.


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