What You Need To Know When Selecting An Estate Planner

At some point, everyone is faced with the task of estate planning.  Although the thought and task seems overwhelming and confusing, estate planning is nothing more than an orderly and defined plan of distributing one’s assets following their death.  For many, knowing where to begin their estate planning efforts is confusing.

Estate Planning Interview with Mark Bosler of the Bosler Law Office

FSN Funeral Homes understands the apprehension many people have when it comes to planning their estate and the need to involve a professional estate planner. So, we reached out to an authority in the estate planning industry – Bosler Law Office.  Mark Bosler was able to answer many of our estate planning questions. We hope this interview answers many of the questions you might have on estate planning and how to select a professional estate planner.

FSN Funeral Homes: First off, a lot of personal details go into estate planning and people want someone who is trusted and understanding. What should they look for when selecting a professional estate planner?

Mark Bosler: Clients should choose a professional estate planner for several reasons, including experience, expertise, and a genuine desire to help them understand the process and plan for the future.

FSN Funeral Homes: If someone was considering your firm for their estate planning needs, what do you have to offer that would make them choose Bosler Law Office?

Mark Bosler: With over 20 years of experience in working with clients to draft appropriate estate planning documents, we have worked with hundreds of clients and encountered many situations from which they may draw upon to provide comprehensive and effective estate planning and administration services for our ever-growing client base. With personalized assistance and attention to detail, we seek to provide each and everyone of our clients with vigorous goal-oriented advise and representation. We look forward to working with new clients every day to serve their needs so that they may look with confidence to the future.

FSN Funeral Homes: So you provide an in-depth evaluation of their individual needs and situation because estate planning isn’t something that can be done with a cookie-cutter approach. Since this is a very personal and situational endeavour, how should an estate planner assist their clients with the planning process?

Mark Bosler: First off, estate planning has to do with educating and advising clients on the practice and procedure of estate administration, and the legal documents necessary to carry out an effective plan. We assist our clients by educating and informing him or her on factors which could or would affect their person and estate going into the future, whether it be the need for treatment or medical care, retirement benefits and financial planning, relationships, taxes, estate distribution and other factors. Once we have identified and prioritized those factors which are of specific concern to our client, we will proceed to formulate a plan which will address those factors.

FSN Funeral Homes: So, estate planning is more than just giving your possessions away to friends or family. It is really about making sure that every aspects of your life is in order with a planned goal and priority in order to save your grieving family from the stress of it. That can be a very tall task. How do you actually take your clients throughout the planning process?

Mark Bosler: We start the process by reviewing our client’s current financial situation and relationships, determining and prioritizing their objectives, and presenting them with the tools and information needed to make decisions and implement their goals and objectives.

FSN Funeral Homes: Because every individual’s situation is different, the type of estate plan can run from a very basic nature to a more robust one. What is involved in a basic estate plan and how do you know if a more robust estate plan is needed?

Mark Bosler: A basic estate plan should include the preparation of a will that would direct the distribution of your estate and appoint necessary fiduciaries to administer that estate, a living will which would state or summarize your preferences regarding life support treatment, a Patient Advocate Designation and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care with medical directives, and a General Durable Power of Attorney to allow estate administration upon disability. A more sophisticated estate plan may include Living Trusts, Testamentary trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, and other documents based upon the Client’s needs and objectives.

There are many details that go into estate planning. Therefore, you want a law office who will assist you and take care of you in every way possible, just like Bosler Law Office. Having someone who will walk you through the process with great ease and understanding is always essential.

FSN Funeral Homes thanks Mark Bosler of the Bosler Law Office in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for all the great information about estate planning.

The key takeaways here are:

  1. Estate planning is very important and very personalized.
  2. What you need to plan your estate and how robust your estate plan needs to be is determined by your individual needs.
  3. Some parts of estate planning deal with issues and situations that occur prior to your death.
  4. Finding an estate planner that is knowledgeable and experienced in crucial.
  5. Communication and good information are very important when working with an estate planner. (To communicate more effectively with your estate planner review the Glossary of Estate and Probate Terminology provided by FSN Funeral Homes and fill out the Estate Planning Checklist to take with you.)

Hopefully with this information, estate planning won’t seem so overwhelming.


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