Finding Cemetery Plot in Philadelphia’s Mount Moriah Cemetery.

Ask The Funeral Expert: cemetery plot number at Mt. Moriah

Mount Moriah Cemetery Gatehouse and BuildingI am looking for a grave on my infant uncle who died in 1901.  He is buried in Mt. Moriah but from what I have been told the records are lost.   Is there any way I can get the plot number from the original funeral home records?  Samuel Foster was the undertaker 1728 Federal St. Philadelphia Pa Burial 11/26/1901.  His name was John Stevenson Craig born Feb 1900.
Thank You  Kelly Craig

Funeral Expert Reply:


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Since you do not know the name of the original funeral home, it may be difficult to find the plot number that way. Yet there amy still be a way to find the information.

The Mt. Moriah cemetery in Philadelphia is a historic cemetery with many very old grave sites including the burial plot for Betsey Ross. Since its founding it has been cared for by the Mount Moriah Cemetery Association. However due to several factors, the cemetery records are now under the possession of the City of Philadelphia.

The best way to find information on your uncle’s grave is to contact the non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Mount Moriah Cemetery or Philadelphia’s Consumer Affairs Advocate Lance Haver.

Mail all the information you have to:
Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery, Inc.
2559 S. 70th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19142


Lance Haver Consumer Affairs,
City of Philadelphia City Hall, Room 167
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tel: (215) 686-7598
Fax: (215) 686-6215;

Hopefully this information will lead you to someone who can provide the plot number. Good luck in your endeavor.

*Photo was obtained from the Library of Congress


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