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Becker-Dyer-Stanton Funeral Home is a family owned and operated funeral home. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of caring service to the families that we serve.

Our mission is to ensure that every funeral we provide is as comforting and memorable as possible for the deceased's family and friends. We have a long tradition of caring for the people of our community.

Bryan and Pattie Becker and our entire staff invite you to please call or stop by with any questions that you might have regarding funeral services, cremation options, or other services that we might be able to assist you with.

Additionally Proudly Serving
  • Cummings, KS
  • De Kalb, MO
  • Denton, KS
  • Effingham, KS
  • Lancaster, KS
  • Muscotah, KS
  • Nortonville, KS
  • Rushville, MO
  • Weston, MO

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Funeral Home Directors

Bryan R. Becker, Owner/ President of BDS, Licensed F.D. / Embalmer, in both Kansas & Missouri, National Board Certification, KS. Licensed Life Ins. Agent,Owned and operated funeral home since 1982.
Paul Becker, V. President of BDS, Licensed F.D./Embalmer, in both Kansas & Missouri, National Board Certification,
Timothy R. Becker, Board member of BDS, Licensed F.D./Embalmer in Kansas
Alex P. Gehring, Licensed F.D./Embalmer in Kanas
Patricia A. Becker,Owner/ Sec/Treas of BDS, Secretary,
Jennifer Bissell, Secretary

Message from the Owner

We are a family owned and operated business providing the very best in care for the families that we serve at very affordable prices. We are a full service funeral home, providing pre-need arrangements, at-need services, and post- follow programs and services. We want to be your funeral home. Please call us at any time to ask how we can help walk you through a loss and serve you with the best staff, highest quality services and merchandise, and an aftercare service that no one else has. Thanks for choosing Becker-Dyer-Stanton Funeral Homes. We are in three locations to help serve you better, Atchison, Effingham, and Nortonville, KS. We also help many families in Rushville, DeKalb, Bean Lake, and Weston area in Missouri.

To better assist you we have included driving directions to BECKER-DYER-STANTON FUNERAL HOME.

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