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Funeral Homes in Montreal, QC

Is there a difference between a funeral home and a mortuary? Not really, both prepare the deceased for burial. On the East coast the term funeral home is predominantly used, while on the West coast mortuary is preferred. However, mortuaries often have a crematorium on-site. When planning a funeral in Montreal, QC, keep in mind that local funeral homes and mortuaries may differ in the cremation and funeral services they offer.

3635 Rue Hochelaga
Montreal, QC H1W 1H9

Local:(514) 521-0055
Funeral Home Profile
8255 Rue Bougainville
Montreal, QC H4P 2T3

Local:(514) 736-8888
Funeral Home Profile
1350 Rue Beaubien E
Montreal, QC H2G 1K9

Local:(514) 271-4533
Funeral Home Profile
1031 Rue Saint-denis
Montreal, QC H2X 3H9

Local:(514) 932-1149
Funeral Home Profile
3860 Boul Decarie
Montreal, QC H4A 3J7

Local:(514) 735-2025
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1459 Rue Towers
Montreal, QC H3H 2E2

Local:(514) 483-2320
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5180 Rue De Salaberry
Montreal, QC H4J 1J3

Local:(514) 331-0400
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6600 Boul Decarie
Montreal, QC H3X 2K4

Local:(514) 738-5356
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175 Rue Jean-talon E
Montreal, QC H2R 1S8

Local:(514) 735-2025
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940 Av Ogilvy
Montreal, QC H3N 1P4

Local:(514) 495-8082
Funeral Home Profile
(888) 369-3569 - Toll Free
(514) 369-0745 - Local
(800) 361-6111 - Toll Free
(514) 382-6111 - Local
(800) 753-5141 - Toll Free
(514) 642-2868 - Local
(800) 765-2335 - Toll Free
(514) 769-2335 - Local
Local Montreal florists can help you find the funeral home handling your loved one's service.

Tip - Sending flowers to a funeral service is a good way to show your respect and very comforting to the family.

More Montreal, QC Funeral Homes

URGEL BOURGIE LTEE4780 Rue De Salaberry, Montreal, QC, H4J 1H6(514) 735-2025
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC2645 Boul Henri-bourassa E, Montreal, QC, H2B 1V8(514) 270-3111
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC528 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, QC, H2J 2H2(514) 270-3111
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE1415 Rue Fleury E, Montreal, QC, H2C 1R9(514) 735-2025
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE835 Av Laurier E, Montreal, QC, H2J 1G2(514) 735-2025
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE6259 Boul Monk, Montreal, QC, H4E 3H8(514) 735-2025
CENTRE FUNERAIRE COTE-DES4525 Ch De La Cote-des-neiges, Montreal, QC, H3V 1E7(514) 342-8000
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC3254 Rue Bellechasse, Montreal, QC, H1X 1H8(514) 270-3111
CARDINAL & NEVEU ENR2695 Rue Dandurand, Montreal, QC, H1Y 1S8(514) 376-3800
CASKET ROYALE7383 Boul Saint-laurent, Montreal, QC, H2R 1W7(514) 270-1525
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE745 Boul Cremazie E, Montreal, QC, H2M 1L9(514) 735-2025
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE400 Boul Henri-bourassa E, Montreal, QC, H3L 1C4(514) 735-2025
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC1922 Boul Rosemont, Montreal, QC, H2G 1S6(514) 270-3111
WHITE & SONS FUNERAL HOME INC3635 Rue Hochelaga, Montreal, QC, H1W 1H9(514) 524-3432
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE7018 Rue De Marseille, Montreal, QC, H1N 1N4(514) 735-2025
RICHARD BOUDREAU MAISON FUNER3963 Rue Sainte-catherine E, Montreal, QC, H1W 2G7(514) 524-8590
MOSHONAS OUIMET INC4898 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC, H2V 4E6(514) 279-4505
FERON'S FUNERAL HOMES INC2035 Rue Wellington, Montreal, QC, H3K 1W7(514) 932-3463
KANE & FETTERLY FUNERAL HOME5301 Boul Decarie, Montreal, QC, H3W 3C4(514) 481-5301
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC5805 Rue Boileau, Montreal, QC, H1N 1P6(514) 270-3111
SALON FUNERAIRE JUIF CHESED935 Av Beaumont, Montreal, QC, H3N 1W3(514) 273-3211
PAPERMAN & SONS INC3888 Rue Jean-talon O, Montreal, QC, H3R 2G8(514) 733-7101
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE3503 Av Papineau, Montreal, QC, H2K 4J7(514) 735-2025
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC781 Av Ogilvy, Montreal, QC, H3N 1N6(514) 270-3111
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE4955 Rue Adam, Montreal, QC, H1V 1W4(514) 735-2025
COLLINS CLARKE MAC GILLIVARY5610 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montreal, QC, H4A 1W5(514) 483-1870
COMPLEXE FUNERAIRE ST-FRANCOIS6700 Rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC, H1M 3E3(514) 735-2025
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE1385 Rue Ontario E, Montreal, QC, H2L 1S2(514) 735-2025
SALON FUNERAIRE T SANSREGRET4419 Rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC, H1T 1T2(514) 527-4126
MOSHONAS OUIMET INC693 Rue Jean-talon O, Montreal, QC, H3N 1S1(514) 271-1212
CHARLES E RAJOTTE INC1350 Rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC, H2G 1K9(514) 521-0055
J A GUILBAULT INC5359 Boul Saint-michel, Montreal, QC, H1Y 2C8(514) 721-4925
CIMETIERE NOTRE-DAME DE NEIGES4601 Ch De La Cote-des-neiges, Montreal, QC, H3V 1E7(514) 735-1361
COMPLEXE FUNERAIRE DES TREMBLE15005 Rue Sherbrooke E, Montreal, QC, H1A 3X1(514) 498-7682
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC6201 Rue Laurendeau, Montreal, QC, H4E 3X8(514) 270-3112
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE2251 Rue Jean-talon E, Montreal, QC, H2E 1V6(514) 735-2025
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE5775 Rue Laurendeau, Montreal, QC, H4E 3W8(514) 735-2025
GIGUERE & TOMASSO INC8989 Rue Hochelaga, Montreal, QC, H1L 2N6(514) 351-4370
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE4848 Av Papineau, Montreal, QC, H2H 1V6(514) 735-2025
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE2095 Rue De Salaberry, Montreal, QC, H3M 1K6(514) 735-2025
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE7895 Rue Notre-dame E, Montreal, QC, H1L 3K7(514) 735-2025
LAURENT THERIAULT INC1270 Rue Laprairie, Montreal, QC, H3K 2V9(514) 937-7755
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC1120 Rue Jean-talon E, Montreal, QC, H2R 1V9(514) 270-3111
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE4228 Av Papineau, Montreal, QC, H2H 1S9(514) 735-2025
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE4240 Rue Adam, Montreal, QC, H1V 1S9(514) 735-2025
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC4504 Rue Sainte-catherine E, Montreal, QC, H1V 1Y5(514) 270-3111
ALFRED DALLAIRE INC4201 Rue Hochelaga, Montreal, QC, H1V 1B8(514) 270-3111
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE4505 Rue Notre-dame O, Montreal, QC, H4C 1S3(514) 735-2025
SALON FUNERAIRE T SANSREGRET3198 Rue Ontario E, Montreal, QC, H1W 1P2(514) 527-4126
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE5650 Ch De La Cote-des-neiges, Montreal, QC, H3T 1Z2(514) 735-2025
URGEL BOURGIE LTEE8628 Rue Hochelaga, Montreal, QC, H1L 2M4(514) 735-2025
SALON FUNERAIRE SANSREGRET T4419 Rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC, H1T 1T2(514) 376-0890

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